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With its superb absorbency, linen is the ideal towel material. As linen fiber has very high absorbency grade, the towel absorbs very well humidity from the skin. It actually absorbs 3 times its own weight in water.  The more you wash the linen towels, the more absorbent they get. Remember as linen products are finished without using any chemicals they shrink up to 11% in the first wash.

Linen terry towels

The linen terry, including 70% linen and 30% cotton, is good for dry massage. You can remove the dead cells from the skin and improve/stimulate the blood circulation. Because of this dry massage effect, you do not feel cold after bath or shower when using the towel. The sizes of the linen terry towels range from hand towels (75x 50 cm), to standard bathing towels (75 x 150 cm and 75 x 180 cm) to large towels (90 x 180 cm and 75 x 200cm). The linen terry towel suits well also as a bench cover in a sauna. In our wide sauna pillow assortment you will find a matching pillow also to a bench cover of linen terry.

Flat linen roll towels

The flat woven linen towel with 50% linen and 50% cotton takes only a little space in your bag. Thanks to its rubber band the roll towel is packed very tightly and take very little space in a sports bag. This roll towel is also suitable as a bench cover in a public sauna.

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