Bath and sauna textiles

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Absorbent, non-allergenic, durable linen textiles with dry massage effect.

Jokipiin Pellava offers a wide range of Finnish linen textiles for bath and sauna. As linen fiber has very high absorbency grade, the towel absorbs very well humidity from the skin. It actually absorbs three times its own weight in water.  The more you wash the linen towels, the more absorbent they get.

The linen terry, including 70% linen and 30% cotton, is good for dry massage. You can remove the dead cells from the skin and improve/stimulate the blood circulation. Because of this dry massage effect, you do not feel cold after bath or shower when using the towel.

Sauna pillows, seat covers and mats
Custom design
Custom design
Washmitts & Backrubs
Wash mitts & back rubs
Bathrobe, kilts, wrap towels & slippers
Throw Blanket
Throw blankets

Jokipiin Pellava textiles

Icon: Finnsauna

As a natural fiber, linen is non-allergenic and friendly to the environment. All Jokipiin Pellava’s products are free of chemicals or additives. Linen fabrics are generally very long lasting materials. These products are made to last which is probably the most important reason behind its small ecological footprint.

The bath and sauna textile range covers sauna pillows, seat covers, wash mitts, slippers, headwear, mats, towels, bathrobes, kilts and throw blankets. Already in small quantities you can create your own custom design and/or have the textiles with your own logo!