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The Raita light, KOLO bucket, ladle and thermometer represent modern Nordic decor that is marked by minimalism and functionality. 

Raita sauna light with shade

The Raita sauna light is designed and made in Finland. This modern sauna lamp illuminates cozily and safely indirectly up and down and forms a light frame on the sides. The shade can be adjusted for desired effect.

The “HALF ROUND” Raita types can be placed at high or low level, on the flat wall or in a corner. The “SQUARE” RAITA types are to be mounted on a flat wall at a maximum height of 1meter.

The shades are made of 5 veneer layers. The “HALF ROUND” shades are offered in pine, birch, heat-treated birch, alder and black toned birch. The “SQUARE” shades are offered in birch and alder.

The lamp is CE approved for sauna lighting, IP44.

Sauna buckets, ladles, thermometers

The stylish KOLO sauna accessories product line is characterized by its functionality and its Nordic style of simplicity. The metal parts of the accessories are made of high quality aluminum and wooden parts of bamboo. Made of aluminum the KOLO buckets are extremely durable and unlike buckets of steel,  they won’t get burning hot in a sauna. Compared to solely wooden buckets, KOLO buckets are also 100% leakage free.  The base colors black or white suit the interior and heaters of most saunas.

KOLO bucket + ladle set

The ladle of this practical design set works also as a handle of the bucket. The ladle rests on the top of the bucket. Color options black and white.

KOLO bucket 2 and ladle 2

The handle of this bucket 2 falls on the side of the bucket. The ladle is rounded. Color options are black and white.

KOLO bucket 3 and ladle 2

This bucket has a simple practical handle on the side. Color options are black and white. The ladle 2 suits also this bucket.

KOLO bucket 4 and ladle 2

The side with the hole of this clean lined bucket works as the handle.  Color options are black and white. This bucket also goes with the ladle 2.

KOLO thermometer 1

This is the fitting thermometer to the KOLO bucket and ladle series. It shows the sauna temperature up to 120˚C.  The diameter of the thermometer is 14cm.

KOLO thermometer 2

KOLO Thermometer 2 brings a new design option to suit your KOLO buckets and ladles. The diameter of this thermometer is 12cm.

KOLO hygrometer 2

The KOLO hygrometer 2 suits together with thermometer 2. The diameter of this hygrometer is also 12cm. It is available in black only.

KOLO sauna scent

100% ground Finnish birch leaves. Pack of five infusion scent bags (5x3g).

  • Soak the bag in warm water for throwing on the sauna stove.
  • With each steam of your sauna heater, you get a beautiful birch scent in your sauna.
  • Hang the bag up to dry for reuse for further sauna bathes.

Do not place the bag on the sauna heater.

KOLO brush 1

The KOLO brush 1 suits every hand, feels good and washes thoroughly. It follows the simple Scandinavian design. The material is bamboo with a soft brush. The diameter is 12cm.

KOLO brush 2

KOLO brush 2 is equipped with a long handle. The total length of the brush is 40cm the diameter of the round brush itself is 12cm. The material is bamboo with a soft brush.