Duetto infrared heaters

Infrared heaters

Combine or choose from a traditional sauna and an infrared bath

The Duetto infrared heaters are versatile as they also offer the option of being mounted in a sauna with a traditional sauna heater. With the Duetto heater you can thus create a combination of a traditional sauna and an infraheated cabin. You thus get the option of a traditional Finnish sauna bath by enjoying the steam from the sauna heater, a solely soothing infrared cabin or combining these both. This gives you three types of bathing experience in one space!

The Duetto infrared heaters create a soft and an even heat from the whole glass area. The heat source is the glass. It warms up quickly in only 5 to 10 minutes. The heaters are maintenance free and the glass area is easy to clean. Thanks to these features, the heaters suits well also in public infrared cabins. For instance in Finland major fitness club chains have installed the Duetto infrared heaters in their cabins. As the heat source is the glass, it does not glow with the typical red light.

The safety of the Duetto heaters are approved and tested by SGS Fimko. The heaters are dust and splash proof according to IP 56 classification and comply the latest safety regulations set by the authorities. The body is made of special heatproof non-conductive special plastic. The heater frame is available either made of alder or  aspen.  When needed, the frame can be toned in a color that goes with your sauna panels.  Remember however to use the kind of a color type that is suitable for for interior use in saunas.

The heaters are easy to install directly on the cabin walls horizontally or vertically. The heaters radiate the heat evenly like the sun. The kind of the waves are of the safe and healthy B and C.

For the Duetto infra heater you need a backrest to protect your back directly touching the glass surface.  You also need a device to control the heater elements. The easiest way to control the panels is through a simple Gira clock timer. The Emotec D external control is used both privately and publicly in for instance fitness clubs. It offers extra features like a separate cabin sensor and weekly a programming option.

Output: 900W
Size: 910 x 310 x 31mm
Colors of the glass:Black or grey
Flame:Alder or aspen
Cable3m heatproof silicone 2x1,5m2
Certificates: CE, SGS, FI, GS
Nominal voltage: 230V – 240V N1 50Hz
Wave length: ~ 6,8 – 7,3 micrometers
Temperature: Max 150C degrees
Infrared heaters
Infrared heaters