Sauna products from Finland

Finnsauna introduces you to unique sauna products from Finland. With our sauna products you can create your own indulging bathing atmosphere whether you prefer traditional rustic style or modern classic one. Our wide range of sauna products covers saunas, sauna heaters, infrared heaters, sauna building materials, sauna accessories and sauna textiles. Finnsauna works closely with selected Finnish manufacturers as their outsourced export support.

Enjoy the Finnish sauna experience just the way you prefer it.

Quality Sauna heaters

Sauna heaters and infrared heaters

Mondex offers a wide variety of sauna heaters for many types of saunas. There are heater models to be installed both on the floor and on the wall. Already 30 years ago, the first Mondex heaters were made of soapstone, producing a gentle sauna experience.

The Duetto infrared heaters are versatile as they also offer the option of being mounted in a sauna with a traditional sauna heater. With the Duetto heater you can thus create a combination of a traditional sauna and an infraheated cabin.


Saunas and sauna building materials

Huliswood offers solid wood saunas and sauna building material made of genuine kelo wood. This rustic massive wood from the north is pure and untreated. The outside of the wood is beautifully grey and the inside is reddish. The wood stores the heat and releases it softly. The fragrance of kelo pine is fresh and enchanting.

The Finnish-made Paavo aluminum vapor paper is the proper moisture barrier made for new construction or remodeled saunas.


Sauna textiles and accessories

Jokipiin Pellava offers a wide range of Finnish linen textiles for bath and sauna. As linen fiber has very high absorbency grade, the towel absorbs very well humidity from the skin. It actually absorbs three times its own weight in water. The linen terry is good for dry massage.

The stylish KOLO buckets, ladles and thermometer is characterized by its functionality and its Nordic style of simplicity. The modern Raita sauna lamp illuminates cozily and safely indirectly up and down and forms a light frame on the sides.