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The solid wood saunas of Huliswood are made of genuine kelo wood. This massive wood from the north is pure and untreated. The outside of the wood is beautifully grey and the inside is reddish. The wood stores the heat and releases it softly. The fragrance of kelo pine is  fresh and enchanting. All our saunas are made according to your measures. We delivery optionally ready Kelo wood sauna sets or Kelo round log frames. The ready sets and frames naturally also suits to be used as infrared cabins.

Kelo Indoor and outdoor sauna sets

The Kelo indoor and outdoor sauna sets are made of 50mm Kelo logs that are grooved with a tongue batten. You have the option of choosing the surface either grey or light machine hewn. You thus have the option of having one side grey and the other side light machine hewn or both sides light machine hewn. We offer you a complete DIY- package including benches, stove guardrail and an insulated ceiling.

Kelo outdoor saunas of round log

For traditionally built kelo saunas we offer the round log frame. On your request we make the drawings for your frame. The kelo log frame is hand made at the factory. The logs are then numbered and unmounted for the freight to its destination. At the destination the logs are then mounted again according to the numbering. In addition to the frame we also supply all kelo building material needed for the sauna like inner ceiling boards, inner floor, sauna bench material, facia and eaves boards.

Kelo Wood

Kelo wood is a standing old dry pine tree that has dropped its bark.

It is beautifully grey on the surface and reddish on the inside. In the north its growth ends at 300–400 years of age. The transformation into kelo wood takes decades, after which the tree can still remain standing for hundreds of years. When it dries whilst standing the tree drops its bark, the surface turns grey and the heartwood develops a beautiful red sheen. The characteristics of the wood include cracks and gnarls that give it a distinctive antique look.

Kelo is a suitable material for building all kinds of saunas. As dry deadwood kelo logs do not twist or set down as fresh wood does. In outdoor use the grey surface does not need any kind of chemical wood treatment. The unique appearance and the fresh scent of kelo wood relaxes the mind!