Mondex sauna heaters

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Beautifully designed sauna heaters with long, humid and gentle heat.

Mondex offers a wide variety of sauna heaters for many types of saunas. There are heater models to be installed both on the floor and on the wall. Already over 27 years ago the first Mondex heaters were made of soapstone producing a gentle sauna experience.

Tahko: Floor standing heater


Low priced stylish pillar heater

Kaira: Floor standing sauna heater


Perfect integration into the benches



Natural rustic style design heater

Aura: Floor standing heater


Corner mounted space saver

Kymi: Floor Standing Heater


Affordable clear-lined wall mounted heater

Teno: Wall mounted sauna heater


Quick heating time with spiral resistors

Kalla: Floor standing sauna heater


Wall mounted space saver

Ukko: Soapstone heater


Soapstone heater with natural front surface

Ahti: Soapstone sauna heater


Classic soapstone heater with smooth front surface

Louhi: Soapstone sauna heater


Soapstone heater with external control

Hiisi: Soapstone sauna heater


Soapstone heater with black granite on the sides

Klapi: Wood fired sauna stove


Efficient and ecological wood fired sauna stove

Motti: Wood fired sauna heater


Ecological and powerful wood fired sauna stove

Unique and customer friendly heaters

Icon: Finnsauna

The Rakka is a unique design stove with a patented structure that highlights the rough-hewn natural beauty of the stone surface. The stove has no support mesh; instead, the hot surface is right where the water is thrown. The structure of the stove and its massive rock capacity cause the water to evaporate slowly so that the heat is long, humid and gentle – just like in a wood-fired stove.

The Mondex smart E external control is very easy to use, it heats up your sauna quickly and efficiently. After its first usage it senses your sauna and learns to optimally maintain the heat. The sensor itself is hardly visible.

All Mondex products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Finland.