Vapour barrier

Paavo Aluminium paper

Vapour barrier

The Finnish made Paavo aluminum vapour paper is the proper moisture barrier made for new construction or remodeled saunas. It is CE marked according to EN 13984:2004 standards.

The Paavo aluminum vapour paper has been on the market for over 30 years. The biggest Finnish construction-, hardware chains and sauna producers uses Paavo vapour barrier and is nowadays also found in many parts of Middle-Europe.

Packaging and size of Paavo: 30m2/roll, width 125cm, 145 rolls/pallet

Advantages of Paavo aluminum paper

• The surface is made of aluminum which makes it nonflammable
• Water resistant and thus effectively protects moisture
• Reflects heat also back
• Easy, clean and light to install by tacking or stapling

Together with the vapor paper we offer Sitko aluminum tape. This high performance insulation tape is ideal for use as vapor seal. It is comes with a thick aluminum surface and strong glue. It is heatproof up to +140 C degrees.  As it is tearable by hand it allows an easy installation.

Packaging and size of Sitko: 5cm x 50m, 24 rolls/box