Ukko: Soapstone heater

Soapstone heater with a natural rough front surface

There is something pure and genuine about the warmth and sense of soapstone. Soapstone has an excellent heat storage capacity and it releases the heat slowly and gently.

The natural rough surface of the Ukko heater brings a real-stone feeling into the sauna. As with all the Mondex soapstone heaters, the steam is soft, indulgent and long lasting.

The soapstone stove is a wall-mounted floor stove. Because it requires no rear safety distance, it can be installed right to a panel wall if required, saving more space for the benches.

The thermostat and timer can easily be adjusted to left- or right-handed or frontal configuration.

Output: 6.0, 8.0 kW and 10.5 kW
Control:Fixed mechanical control
ColorsGrey (soapstone)
Accessories: Embedding flange, safety rock (to cut safety distance) and corner mount support.