The production process of ecological linen products

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Jokipiin Pellava has adopted a production policy where all materials used in the process are as clean as possible. Taking care of the environment is one part of responsible business in our company.

Jokipiin Pellava has developed an environmental system that takes into account all environmental issues related to industrial production:

  • Linen textile production produces no sewage water.
  • Textile ribbons originating from the weaving process is brought forward to be used in the rag rug manufacturing.
  • Extra pieces of fabric originating from the fabric cutting process are sold in the factory outlet in an inexpensive price per kilogram.
  • The thread we use as a raw material is enforced with steam from clean water. This makes production more effective and the completed material does not have to be washed because no chemical substances have been used in production. It is an effective way to protect the environment from excessive energy use and sewage water.

All Jokipiin Pellava’s products are environmentally friendly and no chemicals or additives are used in the manufacturing process.

The linen used in Jokipiin Pellava has been spun as well as Nord-Lin eco linen, but it does not have the official environment certificate. Also the whitened and coloured cotton we use is Ökotex certified. ÖKOTEX is an environmental textile standard certification recognised all over Europe.

Jokipiin Pellava use only cardboard boxes that are made of recycled material in packing all single products. The cardboard boxes that come with the raw material we receive are re-used whenever possible and they are put to use when we ship our end-products to our customers.