Linen terry towels

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The Finnish company Jokipiin Pellava Oy has developed a new type of terry towel using 70 % linen and only 30 % cotton in the fabric.

As linen fiber has very high absorbency grade, the towel absorbs very well humidity from the skin. Also depending on the use of linen in the towel, it is good for dry massage. You can remove the dead cells from the skin and improve/stimulate the blood circulation. Because of this dry massage effect, you do not feel yourself cold after bath or shower when using the towel.

Why linen terry towel is the best for use after sauna or shower?

  • Linen terry towel absorbs 3 times its own weight in water. When it absorbs 1,5 times its own weight in water, it still remains dry. The absorbency level of linen terry towel is the highest of all terry towels, depending on the very hygroscopic linen fibers.
  • Due to its roughness linen terry towel is very good for dry massage
    – It improves blood circulation
    – It removes dead cells from the skin
  • Only natural materials are used for linen terry towels:
    – Fabric: 70 % linen (=pile), 30 % cotton (ground)
    – Labels (for hanging the towel) are made of 100 % cotton
    – All sewing threads are of 100 % cotton
  • Linen terry towels save the nature: NO CHEMICALS are used for the production of these towels:
    – Standard colors, linen natural color and half-bleached only. Linen natural color (=beige) is the original linen fiber color. There are no chemicals left in the half-bleached (=ecru/off-white) yarn either. Therefore linen terry bleaches in every wash a little.
    – We also weave linen terry towels with colors, the weft being dyed Ökotex-cotton.
    – Linen terry towels are finished without using any chemicals. Therefore there are no chemicals left in the fabric. That is why linen terry towels shrink about 10 % in the first wash.
  • Linen fabrics generally are very long lasting materials.
  • Linen is non-allergenic: as a natural fiber, linen therefore lends itself to creating a healthy environment to live in.
  • The more you wash your linen terry towels the softer and more absorbent they get. That is due to the fiber’s wax surface that opens during washings. Wash temperature 60 °C with slow washing cycle and high water level and no tumble dryer.
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