Natural rustic style design heater

Equip your sauna with the original sauna spirit. Enjoy the rough beauty of the stones and the gentle steam. The massive rock capacity makes the heat and steam especially gentle. As this heater has no conventional metal frame, the hot surface is right where the water is thrown.

The unique and patented construction of the Rakka heater allows an individual final design of the heater that is based on the way you staple the side stones. The changeable stones are in the middle of the heater surrounded by the rock frame.

The heater is optionally available with fixed control (M-types) or with an external control (E2-types).

Output: 6.6 kW, 9.0 kW and 10.5 kW
Control:Fixed and E-type external control
Accessories: Embedding flange, pedestal to raise the heater in bench structures, guard rail