Motti: Wood fired sauna heater

Ecological and powerful wood fired sauna stove

Motti is an ecological wood stove with 60kg stone mass that gives up to a 22kW nominal power. It is offered optionally with a water tank. As an accessory option there is a stone cage to be put around the stove flue available. Choose from two different colors.

The slotted front casing emits soft steam from bottom to top. The 3- channeled heating system heats the sauna efficiently and ecologically! Thanks to the large mass of stone the heat accumulates effectively in the stone and dries the sauna room after bathing even after the fire in furnace has gone out. The glass door gives the sauna a cosy feeling and the adjustable feet make it easy to install. The flue connection to the chimney can be from the top or from the side.

Motti is CE marked and made in Finland.

Output: 22 kW nominal power
ColorsSteel and Black
Accessories Water tank, stone cage for flue, base for wooden heater