Louhi: Soapstone sauna heater

Soapstone heater with smart external control unit

The Mondex Louhi represent the queen of the sauna heaters. The sides and the lower part of the heater are made of soapstone to release heat gently. The award-winning soapstone heater warms up across its entire surface, delivering humid and oxygen-rich heat continuously.

The soapstone stove is a wall-mounted floor stove. Because it requires no rear safety distance, it can be installed right to a panel wall if required, saving more space for the benches.

The heater comes with the E2 type external control.

Output: 6.6 kW and 9.0 kW
Control:E-type external control
ColorsGrey (soapstone)
Accessories: Embedding flange, safety rock, corner mount support, led-light kit behind the heater