Floor standing heater: Kaira - Black

Versatile pillar heater that allows a perfect integration into the benches

The Kaira heater can easily and appealingly be integrated into the sauna benches without extra accessories. The unique structure of Kaira makes it possible to embed it very close to the sauna benches hardly without leaving any air gap between the heater and the benches. The safety distance to bench is then only 4mm! The Kaira heater is versatile as it can also be mounted as a freestanding pillar stove.

As embedded into the sauna benches, the lower part of the heater is left without stones (60 kg stones) as a freestanding heater the heater is filled with stones from below to top (100 kg stones). As the frame of the heater consists of two parts (an upper and a lower) it makes the replacing of the rocks easy.

The heater comes with the E type external smart control.